Review: Ziggurat

"Well this got repetitive right quick!"

Ziggurat is yet another incarnation of the thinking that randomness can create endless gameplay. It sends you deep into a randomly generated labyrinth, filled with randomly spawning monsters and random loot, in search of randomly selected bosses and, eventually, an exit that just sends you back to the start.

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On your way you will unlock new spells and powers, perks and possibilities, some of which will be available on future runs, thus adding complexity over time.

Too bad, then, that Ziggurat just feels repetitive from the start. After just a few quick runs I felt bored. The combat lacks feel to it, controls feel floaty and airy, the enemies dull and threat only through numbers. Gameplay-wise, Ziggurad just doesn't do much at all, that would set it apart from dozens of games just like it.

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As I write this, I haven't played the game in about a week (I take a while to think about games before I review them) and, truth be told, I can't even remember if this game has music. The sounds were lackluster, zaps and bops and crashes as you'd expect, but the soundtrack, if present, has been an utterly forgettable affair.

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In the end I cannot recommend Ziggurat. Unless it is specifically the first-person-shooret aspect of the game that draws you in, something like Spelunky (2D platforming) or the Binding of Isaac (top-down shooter) will cover all of the aspects that Ziggurat offers, but with far more style, precision and, most importantly, fun.

Playtime: 4+ hours (Single playthrough, numerous attempts prior and after)










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Normal retail price at time of writing: 14,99 €

Recommended for purchase at normal retail price: Absolutely not

Recommended for purchase at reduced price: Maybe, if you have time and money to waste