Review: Soundboxing

"Holy hell I'm sweating like a pig!"

Soundboxing is a rhythm-punching game that can provide you with a nice little workout. Simple robot-figures punch along with you as the music flows around you, and the youtube-video of the track you are playing to shakes amidst the sparks and fireworks that celebrate each successful hit.

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It's greatest strength lies in its Youtube intergration, and the fact that the players themselves fully control, create and maintain the content of the game. Thousands of challenges to play, and new ones popping up every day! YOU can make your own, challenge your friends! It's a great strenght to have, infinite content.

It is also, I feel, the greatest weakness of Soundboxing.

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Allow me to present you with a cautionary tale: I made a playlist. Almost an hours worth of tracks, all of which I really liked, and replayed 2-4 times a week. I had great fun!

Then, one day, I came back to my list and noticed that some tracks had gone missing. A week later, more still, were missing. Now that playlist has 23 minutes worth of tracks left.

Just as the players CREATE content, they are also free to REMOVE content. Or if the youtube video the challenge is based on goes away for any reason, the challenges are also lost. On the fly. And you have no way of storing those favourite songs or challenges, anywhere.

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Since the game itself does not provide any built-in content apart from the framework for player-based creation, the experience you might have this game 6 months from now might be vastly different than the one you might have at the time of purchase.

All in all: Soundboxing is solid fun and I recommend it, but keep the above warning in mind.

Playtime: 11+ hours (Numerous sessions of 15-45 minutes)










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Normal retail price at time of writing: 7,99 €

Recommended for purchase at normal retail price: Yes, but keep in mind the actual content value of the product can change

Recommended for purchase at reduced price: Yes