Review: RIME

"Island adventures in the land of whimsy and depression."

This game left me feeling immensely depressed.

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There, consider that something of an... I don't know. Disclaimer? Anyway, now that that's out of the way, the actual review.

RiME is a game about a boy (or a very tomboyish girl? I'm not 100% sure about this), who wakes up on a beach and explores a brightly coloured and mystical island full of ancient ruins, colourful vistas, clever little puzzles and cute cuddly-wuddly animal-friends. It's all nice and lovely to start off with, but as the very start of this review may have clued you in: the game takes some dark turns. Personally I have to say I didn't enjoy the change in tone, although I cannot say it was poorly executed or anything. Just... not my thing.

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Visually the game is gorgeous, although even with a GTX 1080 I couldn't manage to wring out a steady 60 fps out of the game. The animations are fluid and detailed, the environments are full of life and hidden secrets to discover. All of this is enveloped in a lovely ambient soundtrac and some perfectly pleasant SFX work.

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The platforming is fairly basic, mostly ledge climbing with very few, if any, options allowing for the player to make mistakes. The game feels like it was made to toe the line between a walking simulator and a proper puzzle platformer, so don't expect any headache inducingly difficult puzzles here.

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All in all, I enjoyed the vast majority of RiME greatly and would recommend it, save for one thing. It's a SPOILER so I hid it down, below the scores.

Playtime: 5+ hours (Single playthrough)










> 7 <

Normal retail price at time of writing: 34,99 €

Recommended for purchase at normal retail price: Maybe, if you have no heart

Recommended for purchase at reduced price: Probably yes


"The cute animal companion dies! It just up and dies with the saddest sound in the world and NOT EVEN CALL OF DUTY WAS SO CRUEL AS TO KILL OFF THE DOG, GODDAMMIT!"