Review: Luftrausers

"Take to the air and raus, Raus, RAUS!"

This is a fairly simple little game, in which you pick up three parts of an aircraft: the nose, the hull and the tail, and then take to the air in an attempt to break your high score, complete sub-objectives and to see how long you can survive as the endless enemy onslaught piles on without mercy.

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Aircaft, boats, ships, jets and zeppelins are all out to get you, and you will die over and over again, making for quick, bite-sized snippets of gameplay. It all leads to a rather wonderful 'one more run' -feeling.

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The game opts for a stylized low-colour palette and simple, silhouette-based pixel art -style. The simplistic look of the game may turn some players away, as the game has something of a mobile-game look to it, but personally I found it quite pleasant to look at.

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For the last piece of loveliness: music. Whichever pieces of aircraft you choose, whether it be the beam-spewing laserrauser or chainsaw-nosed, surface-skipping murder-machine, the music adapts, using different overlaind parts of the soundtrack to give you variations of the main theme song of the game. Marching boots and electronica combine for one of the more enjoyable, if short and simple, game soundtracks. The variation helps minimize the sense of repetition.

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Luftrausers is not some great masterpiece or an epic journey, but it is a damn fun little game to waste a few hours on, and it remains as one of my 'pick up to waste fifteen minutes' -games with ease.

Playtime: 4+ hours (Numerous sessions of varying length)










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Normal retail price at time of writing: 8,99 €

Recommended for purchase at normal retail price: Maybe

Recommended for purchase at reduced price: Yes