Review: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

"It's like leftovers on the day after. Kinda still good, but you know it's gone past its prime."

More Dishonored? Oh my, Arcane Studios, yes please!

Alas, much of what Dishonored is about is missing this time around.

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Gone is the mark of the Outsider, and in its place is a more limited pool of powers. From a gameplay point of view, this seems to be an attempt to create different gameplay challenges, as well as to make the player character a little bit less powerful so that the challenge can be upped a little bit. However, much of the game, especially the contracts (sidequests) you can undertake, don't allow you to make the most of these powers at all, and clash with any attempt at a nonviolent playthrough if that's what you were going for.

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The story, rather than focus on empire-toppling conspiracies, switches over to a fairly dull occult plot, where the assassin we met as Daud back in the first game's DLC, Billie Lurk, tries her hand at murdering the Outsider himself, and taking down an entire mad cult in the process. From how Billie herself is portrayed, to how the world around her is built this time around, it all feels a bit hamfisted, forced and crude. As far as I can tell there aren't REALLY multiple endings and the level of chaos you cause this time around seems to have minimal impact on the game.

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All and all, there's just less of everything in Death of the Outsider. The lower price point may excuse this, though, and fans such as myself jump at the opportunity to explore the isles just a little bid more...

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But I can't bring myself to recommend Death of the Outsider. Not when the two main games and the DLC of the first one are so much better by comparison. Not when I found that I could not make myself care enough about this game towards the end to maintain my usual low chaos approach, and instead just straight up murdered nearly everone on the last one of the five missions this game has to offer.

Playtime: 8+ hours (Campaing completion, Questing, Multiplayer)










> 8 <

Normal retail price at time of writing: 29,99 €

Recommended for purchase at normal retail price: Probably not, unless you're desperate for more Dishonored

Recommended for purchase at reduced price: Maybe, if you've gotten your fill of the two main games already.

Afterthought: Oh, right. Billie Lurk is now gay. It plays absolutely no part in the plot of the game and amounts to a few off-hand remarks and a picture on a wall. I think I already used the term 'hamfisted' before, so... lazy? Yeah, let's call it that.
Another afterthought: You can talk to rats! Turns out they like biting stuff. A lot! That alone has me bumping up the 'gameplay' score from a 7 to an 8. More games need to let us talk with vermin!